Clean Master for Android

Clean master apk

Do you have an android? Then here is a tip for you to maintain your android in a better condition. If you do not like to have unwanted files in your android making it too slow and memory full then you have to download this smart App for your android. It will be a countless help for you. What is this beneficial App? It is Clean Master App. Hurry! Download this wonderful App your android by following a quick and easy few steps: go to play store, search for the App; Clean Master App, then download, install and open the App in your android.

Why you should download clean master for your android?

As we all are dealing with a world where technology is more prominent we have got used to deal with the new technology more often. Most of the people in the today’s society is somehow related with these new technologies. Therefore the proper maintenance of the device that you are using to get together with the information sources, social Medias are very important.

Do you know? When you are browsing through a web browser: (Google, you tube, chrome, etc.) many cache files are going too stored up in your android. Not only from your web browser, the other apps in your android are also generating cache files that will be using a storage space that are varying from few megabytes to even gigabytes. The cache files all together will be using considerable storage space making your freedom to experience the new technology, apps, etc. limited.  These cache files are really the junk files that you want to remove from your android. There is no effect of removing these cache files from your android other than freeing up your android storage and also making it boost. So the App clean master helps you to remove these unwanted cache and junk files from your device making the opportunity to perform well for your android.

In addition to the above feature of the clean master apk there are many more features that will help for your android for the optimum performance. Some of these are:

The clean master apk helps you to save your battery and it acts as a utility app acting as an antivirus app also. In here we can run a surface scan for virus and also an advance scanning. The Applock feature is also there combining with this App that guarantee about your personal private information. If you are using whatsapp messenger more frequently there is a choice for you to clean whatsapp cache files and the media files that you do not want anymore. Furthermore this Clean Master App provide opportunity to connect with the Wi-Fi networks by hiding your IP address by promising your internet security.

There are many more other features included in the Clean Master App including CPU cooling, notification cleaning, boosting your android, finding blurry and duplicated photos in your device and asking your opinion to remove them from your device. Once you download this App you will be able to be benefited by many more features in this App.  

Filelinked for Android TV

When we talk about Android TV most people worrying about how to setup their Android TV and what are the apps available for Android TV. You may have heard about free IPTV, Free Movies and TV shows apps and more. So how to get those apps. Many wan’t be able to find those apps, some may ended up installing malware or fake apps.

If you don’t have any idea about apps and games you want for your Android TV or apps comes by default are not enough for you, what do you do. You may do a google search. Some may come here using Google Search or using Social media link. How ever I will tell you how to get access to awesome Android TV app store out there. Those app store are maintained by YouTubers and website owners all around the world. Why Filelinked ? Read below para for more info.

Filelinked is one the most wanted app for your Android TV. Using this app you access App Stores. Remember App Stores are not maintained by Filelinked. Those are maintained and added by users all around the world. So Filelinked may not hold any responsibility about the content on those App Stores.

Using this app you can download any app you want without typing long URLs. You can access those app stores using 8 digit code. Simple and easy. if you worrying about virus and malware that can be downloaded using Filelinked you can use virus scanner. Filelinked support VirusTotal.

Using VirusTotal app you can scan those apk files without downloading. So you are 100% safe. That’s why each and every Android TV user recommend this app so well. You can access official Filelinked Stores using below code.

Official Filelinked Store: 11111111

Installing Filelinked is too simple. If you have Downloader app open it. If not go to Amazon App Store on Fire TV devices and Google Play Store on other devices. Then search “Downloader” and install it.

Open Downloader app and enter below URL to download official Filelinked app.

For more information and Filelinked codes go to Filelinked website.

Install Coto Movies on Windows 10

In this article we are going to discussed how to install Coto Movies app on you computer running windows 10. Note that this method can be applied to MAC too. For those who does not know what is CotoMovies please read below article to get an idea about this app and decide whether you want this app on your PC or not.

What is Coto Movies ?

coto movies logo
Coto Movies Apk

Coto Movies is not a movie, it a Movies and TV shows app specially designed for Android devices. Using this app you can watch Movies and TV shows for free. Not old movies all latest and top rated Movies for free. No subscriptions or registration required. Just download and install it. Then you will see list of Movies available. Watch any movies or download them for free. That’s why this app is so popular and became more trending on Android TV devices like Amazon FireTV, Firestick, FireTV cube, Nvidia Shield, Mi Box and more.

Menu of this app consist of Trending, Downloaded, Popular, Last, Genres, TV shows, Movies, Bookmarked and more to categorize items. Many may have used this app on Android and iPhones. This article is for those who want this app on their Windows PC.

Coto Movies on Windows

First you have to know that there is no separate app developed for windows. Only thing that you can do is to install Android version of this app on your PC using Android emulating software. Please do not install Coto Movies exe version. Because still there are no exe or Windows version of this app. So it might be a malware or some fake app. So follow below mentioned steps to install original Coto Movies app on your Windows PC for free and watch Movies and TV shows on your PC for free.

Step 1: Install Bluestack

Bluestack is a Android emulating Software that allows your to install Android App you want for free on your Windows PC. This app support MAC too. First seatch “Bluestack” on google and click on first result to install this app. That’s all.

video guide to install Bluestack on windows.

Step 2: Download Coto Movies Apk

Now download Android version of this app. Click here to download latest version for free.

Download Coto Movies Apk

Step 3: Install Coto Movies on Bluestack

Now open Bluestack application and drag and drop downloaded Coto Movies app. Bluestack will automatically install that app for you. Now open it and watch or download any Movie or TV show you love for free. No ads and no subscriptions required. Enjoy.

Coto Movies FireStick Download

Coto Movies is one of the best Movies app available for Amazon FireTV, FireStick, Fire TV cube and other Android TV devices. Due the fall of Terrarium, ShowBox, and Morpheus TV apps like Coto Movies has risen to above with new features and many Movies and TV series providers.

If you have any Amzon Fire TV or FireStick product you can install coto Movies app. Newer version FireStick 4K will be able run higher resolution movies. All Movies and TV series available on Coto Movies are completely free. Coto Movies for Firestick freely available to download from You can download and install this app from “Downloader” app or using FileLinked.

Before installing app you have to change some settings on your Amazon Firestick. You have to enable “Apps From Unknown Sources” from settings to install this app. It is because you can’t install apps that are not from store until you enable that option. If you don’t know how to enable that option please follow below picture guide to enable “Apps From Unknown Sources”

Enable “Apps From Unknown Sources” – Firestick

Since you are installing app away from Amazon App Store you have to enable “Apps From unknown Sources” to install coto movies. Fire Go to settings and click device

settings firestick

Now click on “Developer Options” appear after clicking “Device” option

developer options firestick

After clicking “Developer Options” you can see “Apps from unknown Sources” option. Click on it to enable

apps from unknown sources firestick

Installing Coto Movies Firestick

As i discussed above in this article we can use “Downloader” app or FileLinked to install. First try using Downloader app

Install using Downloader App

If you don’t know about “Downloader”, it is like a web browser for Android TV devices that is easy to use with remote than keyboard and mouse. “Downloader” app available on Amazon store . You can install “Downloader” app by directly searching “Downloader”. After installing Downloder app open it.

Downloader app

Using “Downloader” app go to There you can see download button. Download that app and install it. that’s all.

opened downloader

Using Filelinked

If you have FileLinked install on your FireStick, then you can easily install Coto Movies on your Firestick. Enter below FileLinked code to get this app.

FileLinked code for Coto Movies: 64539676

Enjoy Free Movies and TV series on your Amazon FireStick. There are other Amazon Fire TV devices like firestick 4k, firetv cube all support Coto Movies app.

Download Coto Movies

Bobby Movies app successor Coto Movies

Coto Movies is the latest version of Bobby Movies app. Coto Movies is a great free Android app to watch movies and TV Shows for free. This app comes with many features and easy to use interface. No complex interfaces like some other movie apps.

Let go deep on this Movie app. As usual this app is mainly used by Android TV users. Because watching Movies and TV Series you love will be costly or need to have subscription to watch those videos. So Movie apps like coto movies apk are heavily used by Android TV users. Many people use Amazon products like Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV cube and the latest release FireTV 4K version. Nvidia Shield and Mi Box are other examples. Coto Movies app support all those devices. You can install this app on those devices easily.


Once you open this app it will show most popular movies at home page. You will find most recent popular movies. When you open menu you can see “Trending” section. In trending section you can see trending movies and TV shows. Normally that list may have older movies and tv shows. Because some movies may hit later. Other available categories you may see are “Last updated” and “Geners”. You can see separate categories for Movies and TV shows which will filter those items only.

From the list of videos appear select the movie you like to watch. Once you open a movie you can see movie ratings, name and some small description about the movie. You can read that description if you are interested. I am not the person who read those descriptions before streaming movies. Below you can see relevant movies to selected movie. If the selected movie has older releases like Johnny English 2003, 2011 and latest version 2018 those movies will be listed below the current movie.


Once you click play button to stream you will have list with numbers like 1080, 720, 480. Those are the resolution or quality of the video. Higher the value higher the quality and higher the downloaded data to stream. If you select high resolution make sure you have good internet connection to. You can directly stream or cast.


Once you select the quality it will start streaming. This movie app comes with built in player. So no need to install any third party video player. Top of the video player you have options to download, cast and to add subtitles. Cast is very easy. You can try it with yourself.

When taking about subtitles you can literally have subtitle you want. Because this app is integrated with most popular subtitle providers. So you will definitely find subtitle of you language with this app.

Apps Recomendations

Since the day Filelinked app launched, it has increases the popularity and able to maintain that popularity among Android TV users. Because this app is mainly focused on Android TV users. Those who familiar with app may know about filelinked app stores that can be accessed via filelinked codes. Those codes help us to access unlimited amount of Movies, TV shows, Live Shows, Sport Channel apps, Anime Apps and many more literally every thing need.

There are lots of Android App Stores out there.From them only few third party app stores are able to maintain its popularity and trustworthiness. From them AC Market plays a major role in app market. Because this is the one of the best Android app store that you can live with. There are lots of reasons for that. Mostly all the apps are directly maintained by AC Market developer team not the third party users who registered with the app like Aptoide. So there is more confidence when installing apps and games from this app market.

AppFlix is a Android application and is currently available for Android devices only. So how to download and install AppFlix on your Computer or Laptop. There is a easy way. Just download BlueStack or Nox player and install AppFlix Apk using those applications. BlueStack and Nox players are Android emulators and allow Windows and MAC or Apple users to use Android Operating system on your computer easily.