Miracast – Wi-Fi Display app


Our mobile devices are becoming our preferred choice for streaming videos, playing games, and viewing images day by day in the modern world. Mobile screens have improved in size and quality, but they still fall short of a larger display’s experience.

The Miracast – Wifi Display app comes through as an excellent alternative in this situation. The technology behind Miracast enables wireless display sharing between devices which is very convenient for users. Wi-Fi Direct, which is used by Miracast, enables direct communication between two devices without the usage of a wireless router. You can wirelessly project the screen of your smartphone or tablet onto a much bigger screen, like a TV or monitor by simply using Miracast.

You can mirror your iphone screen to smart TV using airplay. Support Amazon Fire TV devices and Android TV boxes.

What is the Miracast – Wifi Display app?

The Miracast – Wifi Display app is a unique application which is a screen sharing app that uses Miracast technology. You can wirelessly stream the screen of your smartphone from an Android or iOS handset to a display that supports Miracast. Once connected, you can stream film, play games, and show images on your TV or monitor without using any wires thanks to the user-friendly interface.

How to use the Miracast – Wifi Display app?

This powerful yet effective application was designed with an easy-to-use interface and simple instructions for easy and efficient access. Firstly, users can easily download the app from available platforms and install it in their devices. After installing users have to link their device to the same Wi-Fi network as the Miracast-capable display and then simply open the application on your device and click on the ‘Connect’ button to link it directly. Afterwards the app will connect to the available devices and the connection will be secured for you. After getting connected, you can begin wirelessly projecting the screen of your device onto a Miracast-capable display. To enhance the streaming experience, the app also provides a number of customization choices, such as changing the screen resolution and frame rate.

Benefits of using the app

Wireless Screen Sharing: The Miracast – Wifi Display app’s key benefit is its ability to wirelessly mirror the screen of your device on a bigger display. It is now possible to share your material with others without the use of cables.

Simple Setup and Use: The program is simple to install and use. Anyone can use it to wirelessly stream their stuff because it doesn’t require any technological knowledge.

Low Latency: Because of the app’s low latency, there is no delay between the device and the display. This is particularly crucial for a flawless experience when streaming films or playing games.

High-Quality Streaming: Because the app provides high-quality streaming, your content will look fantastic on the bigger screen. Depending on your device and display, you can change the screen resolution and frame rate to improve the streaming experience.


For individuals who want to stream their content, the Miracast – Wifi Display app is a great choice. Download it and install on Android TV and Fire TV. Easily mirror your Android phone or iPhone to your smart TV with Miracast app. You can use TV app stores like Applinked, Filesynced, Unlinked and Aptoide TV to install this app. You can either download apk file and use your own applinked store, Filesynced store or unlinked store to install.

Hide me VPN App

Hide me VPN app

The hide.me VPN app is a popular private browsing application that offers its users the best of security and protection. All Android TVs can use the hide.me VPN app, which is easily accessible Android TV app stores. In just a few clicks, users can easily connect to the VPN thanks to the app’s user-friendly Frontend.

The application gives users a fast, consistent connection that enables them to access the web safely, and discreetly. The unique private network provider offers a wide range of functions and features which benefits its users and allows their devices to smoothly engage in their operations without any hassle.

Main Features of this app

The advanced security aspects of the hide.me VPN app are one of its key advantages to its users. The program uses military-grade encryption to secure users’ online activity and behavior from hackers and other potential harmful threats. The VPN also adheres to a no-logs policy, which prohibits it from keeping any records of the internet activity or personal data of its users. By doing this, consumers’ privacy is always made to be secured and users can comfortably carry on with their daily activities using their devices.

Another benefit offered by the hide.me VPN app is its function which enables users to get around censorship and firewalls easily. To get over these firewalls and censorship barriers, the VPN leverages cutting-edge protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SoftEther which makes it possible for people to view any website or material which they need and wherever they may be. Another special feature of the application is its fast and speedy access to internet. This is achieved by their newly installed Bolt technology which ensures users have access to the fastest VPN speeds available. Uninterrupted screen time is also ensured by the hide.me VPN application with its built-in ad blocker which stops unnecessary advertisements from showing up on users’ screens. By doing so the user’s browsing experience is improved, and they are also shielded from harmful advertisements.

Another commendable feature made available is the round the clock customer service feature which is offered by the hide.me VPN app. If users run into any problems or issues while using the VPN, they can easily get in touch with the support staff by live chat or email options. The support staff is very competent and quick to respond, so any problems that arise are dealt with right away to ensure effectiveness and convenience of their users.

Users can easily download the hide.me VPN app from the Google Play Store for free and they can even get access to the premium version made available which includes more functions and features. In addition, users of the premium edition have the option of canceling their subscription if they are dissatisfied with the service thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Download Hide Me VPN for Android TV

The hide.me VPN app is a trustworthy and secure VPN service that gives its users a quick and easy private browsing experience. Support all Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices. With a VPN app, you can safely use TV shows and Movies streaming apps from Applinked stores, Filesynced stores, unlinked stores and aptoide TV.

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