Hibernation Manager for Android

Hibernation Manager

Our lives have now become centered on smartphones, and its value has become of utmost importance. Yet, as the use of smartphones has grown, battery life has become a significant issue for users. It’s difficult to prevent the battery from quickly depleting even with cutting-edge battery technology. Hibernation Manager can help tackle this issue efficiently and effectively.

The sole purpose of the Hibernation Manager app is to extend your battery life and to ensure it’s not getting depleted by unwanted processes and application in your phone. The app comes with a variety of options and features that further enhance this valuable experience.

Tools like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner and etc. has battery saver and many more tools built in to one application. You can use many features using a single app instead of installing multiple apps that occupy large portion of your phone storage. CM Lite is designed to save phone storage space while boosting performance. You can check those tools alongside with hibernation manager.

Main features of the app

One of the most important functions of the Hibernation Manager app is how it allows you to hibernate unnecessary apps that are running in the background while you’re using the phone. The battery life of your phone can be dramatically increased by hibernating apps. A hibernated app frees up system resources by ceasing to run in the background. Apps can be manually hibernated or programmed to do so automatically through the software installed in the Hibernation Manager application. You can select which programs to exclude from hibernation using the whitelist option in Hibernation Manager which comes in handy for easy battery saving and extending the service life of your device.

In addition, this unique app offers advanced settings to users which can be easily accessed. Through this option users can choose which apps should hibernate, create a unique timetable for automatic hibernation, and even specify an app’s hibernation time directly. The app also provides extensive detailed reports on which apps drain battery life the fastest and the data consumed by these apps specifically. In contrast to many other battery-saving applications available in the app market Hibernation Manager App doesn’t require root access to your phone. As a result, you can use the app freely without endangering the warranty on your phone or running the risk of damage to it excessively.

Another notable special feature of the app is its straightforward and direct design which lets users from all ages to easily understand and utilize the app properly. Apps may be put into hibernation with just a few touches, and the app offers detailed instructions on how to use the app and to navigate through its features and options to get the best result for your device. A tutorial that guides you through the Hibernation Manager is also included in the program which is very convenient for users.


By using the powerful Hibernation Manager App users can easily and efficiently prevent their battery life from draining and extend it to its highest capacity with just a few simple taps on the screen. The software allows you total control over how your phone utilizes its battery through features like hibernation, whitelisting, and advanced settings. The app has been downloaded more than millions of times across platforms and you can also witness its impact on your battery life by downloading it today!