Philo Live and on-demand TV

Philo TV

There are many Live and on-demand TVs out there in the market like YouTube TV, Hulu TV, Sling TV etc. among them Philo TV can be identified as the cheapest TV service that you can enjoy by utilizing many benefits also. Through Philo TV Livestreaming TV, you can watch the TV cable freely and also it is very easy mechanism of watching TV. If you have Philo TV in your android device, then no need to get adjusted to the normal routine of your cable TV. You will get an opportunity to watch your favorite TV programs in a way that you wish. It is indeed a very easy and relatively a cheap method of entertaining yourselves.

What to watch through Philo TV?

This amazing Philo TV provides you an experience of 60 channels. Philo TV mainly focuses on entertainment and lifestyle (cooking, fashions, etc.) but if you are a game lover then, sadly this Philo TV is not compatible with you. Because Philo TV is free from sports channels. Philo TV doesn’t host local channels even. But still there’s lot to watch through this Livestreaming TV. You can see a blend of so many world popular TV channels like: Animal Planet, MTV, BBC America, Comedy Central, Discovery and many more other channels that you may definitely love to watch.

How much should I pay for Philo TV?

As I mentioned earlier also when compared with the other Livestreaming TV apps in the app market for android this Philo TV is the cheapest TV so far. It costs only $20.00 per month to provide an unlimited pleasure for you.

Can I record the programs on Philo TV?

Yes, of course. It is certain that you can record anything you want on Philo TV. This provide opportunity for you to record currently airing and also the programs that are scheduled to be aired. No need to worry about the space. Because you are offered with an unlimited DVR if you are a user of Philo TV. Your recording will be available there for 30 days.

If you have Philo TV on your android device, you can have profiles numbered up to 10 for better experience. The other point that I want to tell you is that the navigation through this apk is very easy. In the home page you can have some categories like Top shows, trending shows, saved shows etc. No need to spend too much time by scrolling to find what you need exactly.

 If you are interested in this pretty cool Philo TV apk then download this and experience it. You can have a 7-day trial period before buying this. So no need to worry about the payment. First try it for free and if you are satisfied then download it in your android.


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– Best new Android player that support best Android TV streaming is Perfect Player.

Perfect Player for Android TV

Perfect player for Android TV

This is a style of the box of set up. That is a media player IPTV. Actually this app can be used with both tablets and smartphones. You could download its latest version as you can. You have to keep something in your mind. That is there are no channels already contained in this app. For that you can add other playlists via the settings. If you want to experience the best playback experiences you can try a method. That is the changing decoder option from the settings.

Now you have a clear idea about this perfect Player app. I think that is a nice kind of app. Then we will see some features of this above app.

Features of Perfect Player TV

  • Accurate menus contain in the app.
  • There is more information on the app those are easy and pleasant.
  • You could watch the videos with the minimum amount of user actions.
  • There are various things that match with all the resolutions of screens.
  • You could select any font sizes matched with you.
  • You can watch the various groups of channels and the logos.
  • And you could watch the files.
  • It supported for the various formats of playlists like as M3U.
  • Supported for the EPG formats.
  • That is supported for the server supports.
  • You could connect to the data saver mode or you can enable that.
  • You can request the updates of playlists directly.
  • There are some methods of control. You can control it by a remote. Other than a remote you could use a mouse and keyboard.
  • This app supported for the better casting experience from the IPTV.
  • Also, a remote control app has designed for the perfect experience.
  • You could use the panel of big control to use on the smaller screens of devices.
  • You could use only the two fingers of yours to the toggle the screen.
  • The full version of the above app removes the ads. That is only in the full version.

Those are all the features of the perfect Player apk app. Apart from the above, there are some more features of the app. I have to tell you actually those have been added recently to the app. Then we see them.

What’s New in Perfect Player for Android TV

  • Updated hardware have placed in the app 
  • The updated software has been included here. 
  • The audio shift feature is new to the app. 
  • That has the new HW+ decoder.
  • You could get each EPG. You can download them when it is updated from the server 
  • Flussonic catch up is another thing that has added to this app 

Actually this is a better app with more performance. Now we will pay attention to the most important part of the article.

You can download this player for any Android TV box and Fire TV devices using Filelinked app.

How to install Perfect player on Fire TV Stick and Fire TV
Filelinked Code for Perfect Player


  1. What is the latest version of the app?
    This is the 1.5.8. 
  1. What is the size of the app?
    This app is about a 9.16 MB sized app. 
  1. Who is the developer of the app?
    Niklas software is the developer of the above app. 
  1. Is this totally free?
    You can get this app for free. But you have to pay about 2$ per item. 
  1. Are there any ads contained in here?
    Yes, there are some ads. Those are the ads placed by the app developer. 
  1. How many downloads has it finished now?
    Now it has finished about 1,000,000+ downloads. 
  1. Is this totally safe for the device?
    Yes, there is no harm in this app. Your device will be fully secured with the running of this above app. 

  Then you know more details about the app. Then we will see the ideas of the users there. 

User Opinions

  • They said that this app is working very smoothly 
  • It has a problem with appearing channels 
  • They say that this is a user-friendly app.