Kiwi VPN for Android


This is a best effective changer of the VPN connection proxy changer. That is within the year of 2020. The user only gives a single touch for accessing multiple connections. Along with the multiple connections of the VPN app you can connect the local and the foreign websites. Also you can enjoy the apps that have geographical limitations. So you can call the Kiwi VPN as a VPN client. Along with such VPN connections the users can surf the Internet quickly, safely and anonymously. Your private details won’t leak outwards.

With many improvements the latest version of the Kiwi VPN has been released. The latest version of it is 1.0. It is only about 3.2 MB in size. By using the Kiwi VPN the users are able to access any kind of record presence in the world. The place he is living in doesn’t matter. Became you can use the VPN app. You are permitted to use any app that you want. Because of its popularity over 100,000 people have joined the app.

Features of the kiwi VPN

  • can be easily controlled
    The procedure of the app is very easy. So that every user can handle the app in the very easiest way. You can experience more smoother.
  • Multiple services
    all of them a servers with high speed. The servers have presence over 26 countries among the worldwide.
  • Free to use
    the VPN connection with the app is free to use. That means you could install it for free.  That the user’s could unblock the restricted sites based on the geographical location for free.
  • The IP address is hidden
    By the VPN application the user’s IP address is hidden. And you could substitute a fake IP address.
  • Without any limitation
    there’s no limit to the speed as well as for the location. Also no use sessions. When connected there was no limit to use.
  • Secured app
    VPN connection is safe. Protect your privacy. No leaks of private details.
  • Check the IP address that using
    actually with the above VPN connection that you are not using the correct IP address. For that you are using a fake one. But while using the app you can check the IP address that you are logged in.
  • User-friendly interface
    It has an attractive interface
  • enhance your internet experience
    Wi-Fi speed is being checked. The download speed can be analyzed. Check your all uploads.
  • Wi-Fi protector
    internet access is safer than ever. That means it is protected from the hackers. The safe browsing experience has offered with Kiwi VPN
  • stop at any time
    there is no agreement to use this VPN app forever. Therefore you can stop using the app at any time.
  • Requirements to use
    the users have to be a device with Android version 5.0 upwards.
  • Presence of the Ads
    There are more ads here. But you won’t be disturbed by those ads ever. Because those are placed by the app developer.
  • Free app
    The developers have offered the VPN app for free totally to the users. That means you don’t need to pay for an app.
  • In-app purchases
    If you want to experience more exclusive features and without ads, you have to purchase the app. For that, you have to pay about 6$.

How to hide yourselfe from internet ?

  • Install the Kiwi VPN from Google play store
  • Then after open and enter to the service provider application
  • Choose the what country do you need for the login
  • Then change your IP address respective to the country you have selected.

That’s all about the kiwi VPN app. Actually the app provides you safe and smoother browsing experience. Then if you think the above facts are favorable for you, then start to use the VPN application here. You can find more awesome apps at :