Filelinked for Android TV

When we talk about Android TV most people worrying about how to setup their Android TV and what are the apps available for Android TV. You may have heard about free IPTV, Free Movies and TV shows apps and more. So how to get those apps. Many wan’t be able to find those apps, some may ended up installing malware or fake apps.

If you don’t have any idea about apps and games you want for your Android TV or apps comes by default are not enough for you, what do you do. You may do a google search. Some may come here using Google Search or using Social media link. How ever I will tell you how to get access to awesome Android TV app store out there. Those app store are maintained by YouTubers and website owners all around the world. Why Filelinked ? Read below para for more info.

Filelinked is one the most wanted app for your Android TV. Using this app you access App Stores. Remember App Stores are not maintained by Filelinked. Those are maintained and added by users all around the world. So Filelinked may not hold any responsibility about the content on those App Stores.

Using this app you can download any app you want without typing long URLs. You can access those app stores using 8 digit code. Simple and easy. if you worrying about virus and malware that can be downloaded using Filelinked you can use virus scanner. Filelinked support VirusTotal.

Using VirusTotal app you can scan those apk files without downloading. So you are 100% safe. That’s why each and every Android TV user recommend this app so well. You can access official Filelinked Stores using below code.

Official Filelinked Store: 11111111

Installing Filelinked is too simple. If you have Downloader app open it. If not go to Amazon App Store on Fire TV devices and Google Play Store on other devices. Then search “Downloader” and install it.

Open Downloader app and enter below URL to download official Filelinked app.

For more information and Filelinked codes go to Filelinked website.